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Seeh Al Sarya Engineering LLC Chief Executive Officer

Meeting the shareholders objectives by converting the vision into reality. We will strive to work together as one Team to operate responsibly by supporting our communities with an aim to achieve the desired outcomes. We will deliver excellence to our clients through our commitment by achieving project schedules. The ultimate goal is to contribute to vision 2040 of the country.


  • Enhance good practice to close any gap in the current business.
  • Gaining more Contracts in the current business.
  • Explore diversification or more opportunities in other areas.
  • To work for the vision of the Company, hence the counrty.

Key Focus Areas:

HSE – Ensuring Safety is our primary goal in every stage of our business. We practice and promote HSE to our Stakeholders on a continuous basis. It is our drive to achieve Goal Zero with No Harm to people, environment and asset damage in our organization. We promote and nurture a strong safety culture through HSE awareness workshops for our teams and walk the talk.

QUALITY – We continuously strive to achieve improvement in quality of our systems, products and services and we ensure successive inspection at every stage to boost Quality to the next level. SAS fosters a culture of Integrating safety and quality to go hand in hand in order to ensure ‘Safety First’ while also promoting continuous checks on doing it right the first time with no errors and this way to be at par with the competitive market by providing costumer satisfaction. It is noteworthy that, SAS has formulated a comprehensive Quality Management system which is in line with the requirements specified in ISO 29001:2020 and ISO 9001:2015.

Timely Delivery – We delivery projects responsibly and we do not compromise in our commitment towards HSE and Quality while delivery projects on time. Delivering consistent performance by implementing adequate technology as applicable.

Competent Human resources – Our focus is on continuous efficiency improvement to achieve consistent results. We are a team of highly qualified professionals with a high-level understanding of what’s needed to manage and execute projects.

Transfer know - how and development of young Omani by providing On-job training opportunities. We train our staff and workers to ensure safety is part of all their activities every day. We equip our employees with right knowledge, skills and resources required to deliver excellence, while making sure the well being of the staff is not compromised.

Increase ICV value with aim to contribute effectively to the community and to the country’s vision 2040. We support LCC & SME Companies by engaging with them and developing them. We wholly support local sourcing of goods and services. Omanisation is our ultimate goal to contribute to the economy of the Country.

Sustain improved relations with stakeholders and work as partners to reach a win-win situation with high standard to continue elevating SAS position in Oil and Gas sector as well as in other areas of business.

Engr. Said Rashid Al Asmi
Chief Executive Officer