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Seeh Al Sarya Engineering LLC Chief Executive Officer

Since establishment of Seeh Al Sarya Engineering LLC, the Company always focuses on the Oil and Gas business and on absolute performance at the highest levels and established values, and in the incoming years Seeh Al Sarya seeks to achieve sustainable long-term performance within the framework of the company's ethical values.

and we pride ourselves on being a company that is fully aware of the needs of the market and society. Also, we are working with all our capabilities to enhance the company's significant role in creating a true strategic relationship with our customers and the community as a local company with significant economic and community dimensions.

This is thanks to our continuous commitment to the effective growth strategy that we started to implement since the establishment of the Company in 1997 and this strategy resulted in an improvement in our operating and financial performance in general. Also, it is our great interest in the quality of environmental health and safety in the workplace through the application of laws and safety procedures in place to protect the environment and ensure optimal use of natural resources Which enabled us to achieve a great value and enhance our position with our customers and increase the Omanisation percentage at Our Company.

In line with the past years of development, we will continue our long-established strategy of balancing between the work carried out by the company in partnership with the beneficiary parties.

Saif Abdullah al Sumry
Chief Executive Officer